The advanced features of access control systems are setting new industry standards and are developed to provide an incredible access experience to both admins and end-users.

FREMONT, CA: The goal of access control is to allow access only to those authorized to be there in a building or workplace. For many years, the deadbolt lock and its accompanying brass key were the gold standards of access control, but new business organizations demand more from the security system. 

They want to manage who goes in and out of their doors and even intend to monitor and manage access. Computer-based electronic access control systems have taken over the keys, providing rapid and convenient access to authorized individuals while refusing access to unauthorized people.

Employees now carry access cards or ID badges rather than keys to get access to secured places. Workstations, file rooms containing sensitive data, printers, and entry doors can all be restricted with access control systems. A landlord or management agency usually controls exterior door access in bigger buildings, whereas the tenant company controls internal office door access.

The Importance of Access Control

Apart from the apparent necessity for an additional layer of security in a facility, numerous other reasons why access control—particularly cloud-based access control must be an integral element of any company's security strategy.


In recent years, compliance has been a major driving force for businesses to move to access control. Many security managers might have to deal with problems while facing security breaches if they did not comply with a set of specific certifications. Having a certified access control system boosts credibility, makes business safer, and better secures it from malware and hackers, eventually leading to increased productivity.

Physical Security

The most evident benefit of access control is security. Not only does installing an access control system keep unwanted people out of the building, but it also saves money. It ensures that other contacts, like visits to the workplace or couriers delivering packages for the company, are carefully managed.

Operations and Visitor Management

Some access control systems combine with the directories, enabling automated provisioning and deprovisioning of users. From an access management standpoint, this means that onboarding and offboarding operations are controlled automatically. This saves the admins time and money by reducing maintenance and manual activities and lowering the risk of human error.

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