Traditional identity platforms are inflexible to customization, but the modern identity platform of the future, Auth0 identity OS is adaptable.

FREMONT, CA: Auth0, the modern identity platform, announces that the Auth0 identity operating system (identity OS), a cloud-native, adaptable platform for development teams. Developed with extensible building blocks, the Auth0 identity OS allows organizations to handle the complexities of today’s identity management while also prioritizing their end-users' security, privacy, and convenience.

Striking the perfect balance among these priorities needs identity to integrate various services and generates a significant integration hurdle. Identity ecosystem operators can now handle these complex integration requirements with the flexibility of full-spectrum code. Customizing to the needs of different development teams removes their requirement to focus on identity infrastructure when developing differentiated applications. This level of adaptability is a major benefit for enterprises confronted with converging applications and managing the eroding lines between identity for employees, partners, and consumers.

The latest features that support this adaptability are Auth0 Actions, a framework that executes serverless functions on triggers to meet each developer's unique needs. Auth0 organizations is an enhanced way for enterprise app teams to handle customers and partners in any multi-tenant, B2B, or SaaS application.  The Auth0 Identity Maturity Framework is an Auth0 tool that visualizes a customer’s entire identity journey. Developed in partnership with Auth0’s largest customers, the Auth0 Identity Maturity Framework offers a toolkit to benchmark current identity maturity.

Auth0, recently acquired by Okta, believes in remediating the breadth of identity requirements for both customer and end-user. The Auth0 identity OS is the powerhouse of an identity cloud, fueling any combination of policies, configurations, full-spectrum code, APIs, and protocols to flexibly address any application.