Businesses of any size are now targets for cybercriminals, but all of them need to stay ahead of cyber attacks. Criminals sought to exploit the digital weaknesses of enterprises to steal sensitive information and deny their services. The internet the central place to do businesses brings a wealth of opportunities along with various security vulnerabilities. There are specific steps that companies should follow to protect against cyber attacks, and they are:

Threats to business can take several forms including theft or unauthorized access to devices, remote attack on the company’s IT systems or website, attack on the information held by third-party vendors, and gaining access to information through the staff. Business should be aware of all the possible entry points and potential weaknesses. A systematic approach to security is key which starts with a solid business security plan. For which, organizations need to review their skills and knowledge to determine the requirements and evaluate potential threats and risks which may affect the business.

 Once the plan is in place, the procedures to prevent, detect and respond to security threats should be implemented. The process includes installing anti-virus solutions on all systems, keeping software and web browser up to date, and restricting access to inappropriate websites to reduce the risk of being exposed to malware, and finally create a policy for governing security. Companies need to increase protection of their networks, wireless networks, against the external attacks using firewalls, proxies, or access lists.

Cyber threats aren’t just online; someone inside the company can introduce danger. Therefore it is essential to restrict staff and third party access to IT equipment, systems and information to the minimum required. It may be wise to limit the removable media such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and secure digital cards and protect data stored on these devices.

If all the precautions mentioned above are taken, enterprises can be assured their business will be safe as houses.