Russell Horton, CEO, FluidOneRussell Horton, CEO
SAS Global Communications is one of the leading providers of SD-WAN-enabled global hybrid networks and specialises in catering to both mid-market and enterprise customers - in particular, companies with over 1,000 employees. It was founded in 1989 and made headlines earlier this year when, in January, it was announced that it had been acquired by FluidOne, the market-leading provider of connected cloud solutions. An industry leader, FluidOne was also recently named the Managed Security Provider of the Year.

SAS, now FluidOne, designs, deploys and manages SD-WAN hybrid networks, supporting them with an innovative monitoring portal that was developed by a team of in-house experts. In order to assist its 150 customers based in 65 countries, SAS has a team of managed service specialists with expertise in everything from LAN and Wi-Fi to SD-WAN and SASE, all of which complement FluidOne’s existing portfolio, which includes cyber security consultancy firm Cyber Security Associates and Marathon Information Technology Services, a cloud services management company specialising in cloud transformation.

Prior to acquiring SAS, FluidOne was already the UK’s most connected network aggregator thanks to Platform One, its award-winning fibre network - stretching more than 1,000km, the network is overlaid with carrier-grade Juniper MPLS switching and routing systems. The firm’s vision is to be the best quality provider of Connected Cloud solutions to UK businesses - that is, connecting users, wherever they might be in the world, to all of the applications that are critical to the running of their business. It aims to help its partners, and customers transform their IT systems and communications networks, creating both multi-cloud and multi-connected environments that are secure and simple for them to use, which is why being recognised and named Managed Security Provider of the Year is so important to FluidOne.

“At FluidOne, we put the customer first, consistently achieving one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry, securing 85 for April 2022,” Russell Horton, CEO at FluidOne. “We take complex hybrid multi-site environments and make them simple and secure, so end-users can access their business applications wherever they are.”
At the heart of FluidOne’s approach is a resolution to deliver a high-quality customer experience, and one look at the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) shows that it’s succeeding. An NPS rating measures both customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, and a score of 70 or above is classified as excellent - FluidOne’s market-leading services, meanwhile, have earned it an NPS of 85 (April 2022), making it one of the top customer-centric companies.

FluidOne added a host of new services to its roster by acquiring SAS, which has enabled it to build on its offerings and give companies even more assistance with their digital transformations. As organisations look to modernise and move to the cloud, this is where FluidOne comes in, providing specialised managed services for the mid-sized and enterprise market. In order to improve customers’ performance and experience, it uses end-to-end digital processes and a single portal to monitor their entire digital infrastructure, helping with specialised services including WAN, cloud access, cyber security, and managed IT, all of which can be achieved with SD-WAN.
  • We take complex hybrid multi-site environments and make them simple and secure, so end-users can access their business applications wherever they are

FluidOne offers all of its customers and clients an array of industry-leading features, including hosted voice calling services from within Microsoft Teams and a cloud access platform, something increasingly important as more firms around the world makes a permanent shift to hybrid working or fully remote working. FluidOne also offers two-day circuit delivery for multi-SIM 4G, giving companies a more stable and reliable high-speed internet connection, and can monitor users’ networks for them, proactively taking care of 95 percent of any issues that might arise.

FluidOne continues to innovate and go from strength to strength, offering its customers expert guidance and assistance. As the Managed Security Provider of the Year, its award-winning services will continue to develop.