Dominic List, Founder and CEO, ComtactDominic List, Founder and CEO
The recent explosion in remote working scenarios has led to expansions in risk profiles and a lack of visibility among enterprises to looming potentially catastrophic cyber threats. Yet, companies always have the viable option to outsource if they lack the expertise to recruit and retain their security staff. MSPs can ensure the up-to-date status of security issues, audits, and maintenance while enabling the hiring organisation to focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks. Additionally, an MSP can offer a proactively managed SIEM solution to solve the visibility gap with an enhanced ability to monitor – perhaps the biggest threat to most companies.

UK-based Comtact has been helping businesses navigate the rapidly changing world of IT transformation and cybersecurity since 2005, innovating with the latest technology and industry trends to deliver an industry-leading, fully managed, and bespoke cyber security service. Comtact provides the most advanced managed security services, offering 24/7/365 protection against cyber-attacks through a fully-manned rapid response team. The firm delivers complete visibility across clients’ entire infrastructure with centralised platforms and licenses to eliminate silos and overheads in a single cost-effective solution. While installing the latest vendor technologies, there can be a big difference between an out-of-the-box basic install, and a comprehensive deployment that maximises the features and therefore, benefits of the investment.

Comtact is highly proactive and the organisation runs a threat hunting and resolution team out of its award-winning Cyber Defence Centre at Milton Keynes to preemptively detect and block any cyber attacks. Moreover, Comtact is not restrained by the hierarchy boundaries, and clients can easily approach the C-suite executives at the company. Comtact believes in innovation and has developed its proprietary technology to deliver its services at the highest standard. The company’s new pen-testing platform – Vigil – checks for potential points of exposure in real-time and enables clients to collaborate with Comtact to remediate vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified. The platform is equipped with a live dashboard and simple summary charts that help simplify required focus areas and provide visual reassurance to key stakeholders. Comtact has built and evolved this technology based on clients’ feedback which speaks volumes about the company’s drive for continual improvement. “Customisability is key for us – we are not one-size-fits-all but adapt our solutions for each client,” states Dominic List, founder and CEO of Comtact.

For instance, a fashion brand renowned for timeless British luxury received a recommendation to tighten its security posture and improve its security analytics tools. They were operating a traditional, on-premise server estate. The gaps in endpoint protection were a particular concern due to a legacy, signature-based anti-virus system in use across 600 Windows and Mac PCs. The client collected and analysed security data in isolation, without any context or correlation, which restrained their security team from identifying any potential exposure. Since they had already taken steps toward a cloud platform with Microsoft Azure and 365, the Sentinel SIEM service was the ideal solution for security analytics integration. Thanks to Comtact’s Azure Sentinel expertise, Comtact and SentinelOne consultants successfully replaced the client’s legacy anti-virus system. It extended the client’s detection and response capability across multiple security layers. The client’s security teams have now gained centralised, end-to-end visibility and powerful analytics and automated responses across their complete technology stack.

Customisability is key for us – we are not one-size-fits-all but adapt our solutions for each client

Comtact has achieved the highest accreditations with leading global vendors for SIEM solutions, endpoint protection, network firewalls, and internet security. The firm’s collaboration with them helps ensure its technologies are always industry-leading. Comtact’s experience and links to top vendors further solidify that its technical expertise and innovation are second to none.