Aaron Rausche, Managing Partner and Randy Guin, Managing Partner, Birch Cline TechnologiesAaron Rausche, Managing Partner and Randy Guin, Managing Partner
The cybersecurity of an organization is only as strong as its weakest link. This is the hard-hitting truth of the cyber world. While most businesses are launching several campaigns internally to raise awareness about phishing to reduce weak links in a firm, they are largely still unaware of the challenges in the industry. In most situations, organizations do not even know what their security posture is. Addressing cybersecurity challenges for organizations globally, Birch Cline Technologies, a security service provider, strives to set new trends in the industry. Aaron Rausche and Randy Guin, the managing partners at Birch Cline, explain to CIOApplications how they do it.

What are the cybersecurity challenges that organizations face globally?

In today’s world, CIOs are investing heavily in cybersecurity without having a comprehensive understanding of how, or if their investments will actually impact organizational risk. Against this backdrop, investing in security becomes a guessing game that leaves the organization, its data, and employees at more risk than ever before. The situation requires a mindful strategy and a thorough plan. Each investment should be evaluated as part of a greater strategy and every decision should be made according to a holistic security approach.

This is a common challenge and one we help customers overcome all the time. We work to understand risk as it relates to the customer and then identify smart solutions and services that will provide the greatest return on investment in terms of risk reduction. Then it is just about working together and making sure their people are successful. That’s what it’s about.

Another major challenge in the industry is where to focus. Every day there is a new threat, a new breach, a new headline and a new risk to consider. If you do not have a team of resources dedicated to keeping up with critical threats, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At Birch Cline we operate as an extension of your team, we understand your business and we help you stay on top of the latest threats against your organization.

How does Birch Cline help its customers and the market as a whole?

First and foremost, everything we do as a business starts with helping our customers succeed. Every customer has challenges of their own, so it’s up to us to make sure security is not one of them. So, we make security simple for the customer with a 3-step approach of, “posture, practice, and protection.” We work closely with an organization to help them understand their existing security posture using our specialized risk analysis processes. After an initial assessment, we ensure the most appropriate policy and practices are in place and that any regulatory compliance requirements are fully understood, and the holistic plan includes maintaining those compliance needs.

That’s why we say, ‘Helping you protect what matters,’ because we understand that we’re helping people make decisions that can have an impact on their careers and their life

Finally, our team ensures that the most efficient, cost-effective solutions are in place to secure the organization and its critical resources. Birch Cline makes the process simple to help customers succeed with security.

What sets Birch Cline apart from its peers and competitors in the market?

As a business our focus is people. We are a security firm and we are deep in technology, but our business is all about the people who trust Birch Cline to help protect their organization because we realize they’re really trusting us to help protect their jobs and their livelihood. That’s why we say, “Helping you protect what matters.” We understand that we’re helping people make decisions that can have an impact on their job and their life. Our number one focus is making sure the people who trust Birch Cline are successful.

We believe that focusing on the people and understanding their concerns as much as the goals of the organization is critical to really helping someone solve a problem and helping us work as a team to accomplish a goal. Our focus isn’t pitching a product, it’s understanding the people, the need and the business and then working together to identify options and smart solutions that make sense for the business and that will help them succeed. People trust Birch Cline and that trust is way more than just business to us. It’s a valued responsibility, and that’s what sets us apart.

What does the road ahead look like for Birch Cline?

As a cybersecurity consulting and services firm with a focus on securing government, mid-size and enterprise-level organizations, our immediate future has a focus on finalizing a few select partnerships that will expand our scope of capabilities and allow us to provide exciting new services for many of our existing customers. We have also invested significant resources into our managed SIEM and SOC offerings, so expected continued focus there as well as a few long-term efforts that include monitoring newer forms of emerging technologies and risk, but overall, we will continue to focus on helping people succeed with smart solutions and effective managed services.